The Gospel of John in Greek

“We put the school back into Sunday School.”

On Sunday mornings at 9:45, the kids of Eastside Church of the Cross gather to learn the Gospel of John in Greek. Kids learn the alphabet quickly, and soon they are off learning phrases from the Gospel. Kids of all ages (ages four and up) take the plunge and start mastering the Bible in the original language.

If you avail yourself of this (for the sake of your children), you will be putting in them the word of God so deeply that it will be an anchor for their souls. The kids are succeeding. They are learning sentences on their own, and memorizing phrases which they state back in class with great ease.

Nothing is required of parents, and with one lesson per week, we are finding that our children are indeed becoming adept at reading John.

This is an inductive method of learning Greek. Jump in at any time (even if your kids have had no prior lessons in Greek), and we will integrate them.

Adults can join too! We provide all the tools needed.

Sunday School is from 9:45 to 10:10. We keep it short because we are taking the long view. This is a life-long journey, and we are in no hurry to rush through any of the material. The kids have fun, and the class is short enough that it is over before they know it.

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