About Us

We are in Louisburg, Kansas, and have been since the mid-1980s, continually striving to Glorify God by Enjoying Him Forever. Together, we are fellow pilgrims on an excellent wilderness trek, always conscious that we are participants in the exodus of Christ from the grave.

Our church was birthed out of the big-hearted effort of multiple congregations and missions organizations, including Builders for Christ who came and constructed our facilities. Denominationally, we belong to the Southern Baptist Convention of churches. We desire to delight in the one True God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Christ is the beginning, the center and the aim of all of our fellowship, praise, prayer, worship and sermons.

We enjoy Word-centered fellowship, friendship and worship. Preaching Christ from the Old and New Testament is the commitment of the church and the means by which we protect our fellowship and friendship.

About Our Members
The ages and backgrounds of our church members run the gambit. Some drive in from out of town, some live in the country, some live in Kansas City, some live in Louisburg, some have kids, some are retired, some are single, some are married, some are getting ready for college, others are taking care of aging parents. Some are from Catholic backgrounds, some are Presbyterian, some Methodists, some Baptists, and some have grown up poor while others have lost everything; some are experiencing uncertain futures, while others have great jobs and are a source of financial assistance to others. In all of this, we all have something in common: we hunger for Christ. Christ defines who we are, and all these other distinctions pale in the light of the great work he is doing in building for himself a family — a band of sojourners on a journey to our inheritance.

Pastor and his family

Steve, Susan, Abigail, John Mark, Noah, Grace (and Bella)

Pastor: Ministry of the Word
Steve Rives has been pastor of Eastside Church of the Cross since 2006. Susan and Steve went to high school in Nevada, MO, then attended Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri. Steve has his Masters degree in Biblical Archaeology from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (having studied at Megiddo through Tel Aviv, and served on staff at the renewed digs in Gezer, Israel), and works full time as a software engineer while pursuing his PhD in Old Testament.


Jeffrey Jacobs

Music Leader
Jeffrey Jacobs works full time in Overland Park in the banking industry. He has a wife and two kids. He has studied music at UMKC where he worked on his bachelors degree. He has a deep passion for theologically sound hymns, and the worship of Christ. He was trained in Biblical studies at Midwestern Baptist College in Kansas City, and has been at Eastside Church of the Cross since 2007. Jeff leads the church in congregational singing, and also in the preaching of the word.

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