Sunday Worship

First of all, let’s make sure you can find us! We are in Louisburg, Kansas, and here is a map — zoom out to get the big picture.

Sunday Worship Schedule

5:00pm. Gathering, singing, prayer and preaching
6:00pm, Eating together, kids playing, adults drinking coffee and generally just hanging out

Sunday Evening Meal
We eat together every Sunday. If you would, please plan to join us so we can get to know one another. Worshiping together and eating together has been the practice of Christians since times immemorial; table fellowship is integral to our common pilgrim life, so we don’t make a strong distinction between formal corporate worship and the meal that follows. To miss one or the others is lamentable for those of us who sojourn together.

There is always plenty of food, so join with us, even if you have not brought any food. During our fellowship, kids like to play outside — often playing football and Frisbee. A few parents are usually playing too, and the fields are large and open, so it is fairly easy to keep an eye on the kids.

During our regular meal times, we pause and celebrate the Lord’s Supper (which is also called communion). This practice means that fellowship and worship merge, and communion involves communing with one another even as we feast with Christ. This part of the meal is open to baptized Christians — those who confesses a love of Jesus and who are living in repentance before him (that is, we do not require membership in our church in order for someone to take communion).

Worship and Smaller Children
Many of the families keep their kids in worship (even the wiggly little ones). We have two crying rooms with windows that face the auditorium (each has its own speakers), and these allow for nursing moms or eager toddlers to have a place to go if the need arises or if the parent is more comfortable with that arrangement; we also have a nursery with speakers for parents who want to be back there with their smaller ones during worship.

Dress Style
People ask about the way we dress, not because they think there is a certain way they ought to dress, they just like to be within the normal range when they visit. Normal for us is modest and casual. If the kids are going to play outside, you’ll want to make sure they have the right kind of clothing for that.

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