We Believe

Eastside Church of the Cross is driven by the Incarnation of God (the doctrines of Christ). When we say “doctrine”, we simply mean true statements about God. To that end, doctrine is not something that God wears (so that it is different than God or exterior to him), but God is God and he has recorded what he has spoken about himself in his word (the Bible). His self-speaking is where we learn about him, and out of a love and passion for the Trinity, we state back what God has said about himself. Doctrine, then, is simply another way of speaking about Christ (which is how we speak about the Trinity).

An outline of our doctrinal beliefs can be found under the We Believe menu. As God is multi-faceted, so too there are various ways we must speak about him. In the Bible we find God communicating himself with, by and in propositional statements, narrative history, poetry, wisdom literature, letters, biographies and covenant treaties (to name a few). Likewise, for us to state back what we find in Scripture, we have chosen to use various categories (being the sub-menu items under We Believe).

We Believe: Our Source of Authority
We Believe: Our Big-Picture Theology
We Believe: Our Worldview
We Believe: Our Systematic Theology

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